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Face value, any attempt to delve into the issue of customized fat loss review will be in vain without being too dreamy about it, but out of all the slick


fitness and diet magazines that were part of my core reading over the years, this has had the most insightful impact on my life.

Is there really nothing you can do to target specific parts of your body in waging the holy war against the dark matter of your body – the fat? Would that be a well-kept secret or some sorts of sorcery that all those people with fit and beautiful bodies know, but preserve only for themselves? It was Kyle Leon’s strategy who revealed the truth to me that the Pandora’s box lets you lose fat in specific parts of your body.
In his book “Customized Fat Loss” Kyle Leon writes in casual, yet entertating way, breaking down each of the core rules to customized fat loss tactics. Each time he gives a well written and educational justification, backed by scientific evidence, as to why his rules should be followed to fat loss.


In the past I have had some serious health issues due to my poor diet and lifestyle – being overweight killed my mood, looks and sex drive. So ever since then I’ve always been interested in the consequences of proper nutrition intake on a fitness regime and health. In changing my ways, I felt confident that all the pieces of the puzzle fitted well, but this book walked me through putting them in the correct places.

I only started eating and exercising several weeks ago, over which period I have observed a drastic transformation of my body. I’ve lost a lot of my overweight features, have more energy and look younger. There are other things that have enhanced in quaity, but I’ll share them next time in the club! Nice and steadily, I’m turning into the fittest I’ve ever been in my whole life, but I’m also enjoying my training sessions – not tired and fed up by the same old gym routine.
But being hard and heavy on the workouts comes equal to proper food and eating habits. Leon’s book gave me an insight how proper foods can automatically awaken the fun-burning DNA that lays dormant inside me. These are the foods that can make you young, fasten your metabolism and trick to catapult your body into a 24/7 fat burning state. Literally, your body starts striping off fat while asleep and waking up full of energy to looser fitting jeans on a daily basis.


The one downside is that me and another friend who also started Leon’s programme have started competing in losing weightand making muscles. We’ll talk to anyone about it (as my girlfriend rolls her eyes…) and encourage everyone to read it. Sometimes I bore myself to death with how much I go on and know about it.

So, if you’re keen on reading something that is not a scam about fat loss, nutrition, sports and the impact it has on your health, looks, and fitness, I couldn’t recommend any but this book enough.






Customized fat loss review is nice….but I don’t understand some things … that product some online weight loss programs?
And also can I get customized fat loss free? Actually I’m look in for some fat loss for idiots



Review is look good, but is it Customized fat loss a scam?

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