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Recently, I have completed reading Eat Fast Slim by another author, so I was very keen to write a Fat loss factor review.

No doubt, most of you have come up with and some of you have even explored other books about losing weight. Personally, there are plenty of books that I have read about the topic, yet some of them sounded like a scam. But never before I felt the impulse to share with anyone about any of those. Why now? Once for sure, this one is different because unlike from anything else, it’s actually really gratifying to read and I reckon even if you have lack interest whatsoever in nutrition or proper food, you’d have fun reading this book- just as an enjoyable reading.

If, however, you the same blood line as me – someone who reads a load of stuff and have shelves full of books about losing weight with all your glossy manuals you have piled up from Mens Health and other health magazines, then you will absolutely digest each single page of this one.

Unlike others, this book comes with supplementary four books, so it’s kind of a series that complement each other.

The whole series are brilliantly funny, their humour shines out and it’s as comprehensive, thoughtful and witty as a book about can be. The scientific research is informative and well backed but simultaneously outlined in an accessible and easy to read way. It really is a book for all.


Unlike other books, it provides in-depth and thorough information for all types of ways to lose weight.  It is particularly handy if you frequent the fitness club then it’s for you too. Even if you are an athlete who strives to put some muscle on. It can be for men, women, youth, elderly, everyone.

What grabbed me most was the chapter about body hormones and what to eat during specific time of the day. As well as various dieting pattern that will let you eat 600 calories for three days in a week.

Also, there are several different varieties of dieting plans including a 20:10 dieting plan which may suit you best – it involves skipping meals. Most likely, this will be the one that I am going to go for, but there’s lots of room to try what works for me bet so I guess I’ll just see what suits.


Everything seems so easy and fun to follow. And of all the books I have read about dieting, “Fat loss factor” reads as the most well written, entertaining and informed. This is the most „healthy-losing-weight-gaining-muscle“ one that I have ever read. The point I am trying to make is that this is a losing weight bible not a book. Enjoy reading it and not wasting your time!

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Hiii… is good …. but are you sure that Fat loss factor is not a scam.


I have lost 15 pounds in two weeks!!! Just amazing!! These are the kind of results I need to stay encouraged. Thanks for the help.


Working long and weary hours, eating junk food and not exercising at all turned my body into a wrack. It made me feel unattractive, behaved moody and lost interest in my boyfriend. A complete disaster! Had to get back in the game, so I needed something that can help me regain my confidence and good looks. Started trying various books and strategies, but without the expected result and effect. Only after a friend of mine recommended it, I decided to give a go to „Fat loss factor“ and results were immediate and impressive. Lost almost 10 pounds in the first 10 days of following the programme, but I kept on loosing and shaping up long after. Great results, great body and well worth investing into buying the book. Thank you!!!

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