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Domestic Pedicure-onlineIf one of your top beauty goals for the next 2017-2018 year is to pay attention on toes and pedicure, as well as you do it with hands and the manicure, you are on the right place and you read the right article. Below you will find some awesome hot pedicure tricks to test during the upcoming 2017 year. Here they are…

  1. Pre-treat toes right to have the perfect overall pedicure

Having your old polish nail removed and applying some new tone is not enough. You also need to soak the feet for a couple of minutes in salty water and to heal the rough heels. Plus – get rid of the dry skin around the toes, too. Use special essential oils and moisturizers for the purpose.

  1. The expensive cuticle oils can be replaced with ordinary natural oils

Try almond or olive oil instead. The effect is the same. Plus – who doesn`t have olive oil in her or his kitchen these days? It`s the new rule in healthy cooking, right?

  1. Find a good alternative to spend the time in peace during the nail gets dried

Like, having a book nearby or turning on your favourite TV shows on the TV set. In all cases, don`t go anywhere, while you are not ready with the pedicure. The whole process will go to hell.

  1. Use the scissors gently

The more you cut, the less protection for your toes you leave. Better, go to a professional for this chore once per month. This will not cost you a lot of money or time. Plus – you will have the right toe nail shape during the entire month and you will focus on the polishing part.


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