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CEO-of-the-Year-0160k is very pleased to announce that our owner and director Mr Jonathan Gladwish has been awarded European Outsourcing CEO of the year 2017 by European CEO Magazine. The achievement celebrates the best of the best across a range of sectors.
The award is yet to be announced officially and is a result of a careful examination of the quality of work and business relations of the nominees. MrGladwish was selected amongst a number of top players in different business fields.


Our CEO gave a short interview for the Magazine broadcast before being officially awarded. He provided a few tips and recommendations for other CEOs on how to achieve a successful relationship with clients. “If you put your staff first, they will always put the customer first” advised MrGladwish and pointed out that it is crucial to constantly improve the benefits and facilities of the staff.


You can watch the whole interview below:
European CEO Magazine operates across 28 EU countries on subscription basis. It is the “go to” information source for European business leader and provides the numbers, detailed analysis, strategy and guidance needed to make qualified business decisions in Europe’s diverse marketplace. European CEO Magazine is a trusted and well acknowledged news outlet and we are beyond proud to have our CEO be selected as the top business leader for 2017.

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