Simple Essentials About Web hosting

hostingIt is quite easy today to own a website. You can find free to use platforms on which to design and host your blog if you resort to using a third party host. A domain is not expensive and hosting is also relatively cheap. This has prompted a surge in peoples desire to own their own space on the web.
If you are interested in owning a web space, then you need a web hosting company. A web hosting company is a company which helps host your site on the web. In lay man terms, it is like you own a house plan, without the land to build it on. A company now comes with the offer of providing you with the land on which to build your dream home. Your website is your home plan, while the hosting company is your land provider. Without the contributions of these firms, it would be impossible for anyone to own a website. Your website consists of different files. The hosting company only helps you to connect the files together.
There are basically four types of web hosting namely, shared hosting. On this platform, several websites are placed on the same server. It is easy to use with low level of difficulty. Its problems include low site performance in the case of increased traffic and inability to handle surge in traffic. Next is the virtual private server. This is one in which websites are hosted on virtual servers. Followed by the dedicated servers where there is control over the server on which your website is hosted. Your website is the only one placed on the server. Finally, there is the cloud hosting, where your website is hosted on several servers. They are a good form of hosting because they can handle a high surge of traffic.
If you are short of capital, you can employ the services of a free web hosting platform such as wordpress or blogger. On these platforms, your site is hosted on the servers of these companies for free. Your domain suffix ends with the name of these providers. You have limited or no control over your website. There is also cheap hosting which you can get from several hosting companies for less than $5/month. Many of them will provide you with reliable services. If you are certain that your website is your means to make money, then you need to employ the services of a reliable and competent web host.

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